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11 Different Wedding Cakes To Fit Your Vibe

Here at Riviera Events and Catering and Divonne Pâtisserie, we love to help our clients feel like their wedding vision comes to life with the food, venue, and desserts. Chef Cameron Miller has compiled a list of 11 different cakes that we make in-house to help your dreams come true!

1) Traditionalist


You’re strictly adhering to the “something old, something new” and you’ve dreamed of having the classic 3-tiered wedding cake since you can remember. Flowers are color-coordinated to your wedding theme, and the cake will sit atop a beautiful stand in the corner where your photographer can get the perfect shot of the cake cutting.

2) Flower Child

Flower Child

Your wedding may more closely resemble a fun, dreamy picnic more than a traditional reception. This cake is perfect for those whose wedding budget is broken down into two categories- florist and other. Made with organic flowers that are safe for consumption, this wedding cake will blend in perfectly with the wedding mood-board you have created.

3) Romantic


You may have imagined your happily ever after playing out like the last scene of a Disney movie, and “it’s all about the little details” at your wedding. Between the slide show of you and your S.O. as kids and the candlelit dinner, this cake is sure to complete your picture-perfect day.

4) Bright & Bubbly


Your wedding is a chance for your fun personality to shine through- bright colors, bubble machines, and statement jewelry. You probably have a pair of glamorous sunglasses to complete your wedding look, and the reception is being held someplace that has a mid-century modern vibe. This bright and unique palette knife iced cake is just the right kind of “extra” to top off your dessert table.

5) Tropicana


It was your ultimate dream to get married on a beach, but after deciding that a destination wedding to Hawaii was too much, you’ve incorporated all the tropical vibes you can into your wedding. Leis for your families? Yup. Palm tree fronds as table runners? Of course. This 3-tiered wedding cake complete with a sugar flower on top? Duh!

6) Parisian


You probably booked your honeymoon to Paris before booking a wedding venue. Your big day is sure to include fresh croissants in the morning for you and your girls, a chic silhouette dress, and your beau dressed in a black tux and bow tie. This croquembouche, a traditional French wedding cake, will add another layer of class and sophistication to your reception.

7) Whimsical

Whimsical 2 Whimsical

Wedding planning for you has been the ultimate design challenge- one that you faced head on. Draping tulle on every surface is a job delegated only to those who understand your “vision”, and the florist has created a beautiful bouquet featuring smaller blooms. Each icing color on this cake perfectly ties into colors of the candle votives, the decorative bowls holding candies for your guests, and the backdrop for the photo booth.

8) Outdoorsy


This cake resembles the mountain range you were hiking at when your S.O. got on one knee and asked you to be his forever. The venue you have chosen will be covered in pictures from your adventures together, and your gift registry definitely includes camping gear.

9) Dreamers

Dreamers IMG_8773-1

You both have big dreams to reach the moon together- and your wedding will be a celebration of your future successes. The reception is sure to last late into the night, and the big send-off at the end will be under a blanket of the starry night sky. “You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it”.

10) Modernist


Your wedding is full of clean lines, moody colors, and you will definitely be wearing a minimal amount of jewelry. Your decorations look like they were imported from the last Vogue photoshoot, and there will be absolutely no looping calligraphy allowed anywhere near your wedding. This cake fits in with the unique art pieces hanging on the wall of the modern wedding venue you most likely booked.

11) Sweetheart


Your wedding will be a gathering of your closest friends and family and will only include things that have special meaning to both you and your fiancé. The alter was built by him and your brother, your aunt and uncle will play the song you walk down the aisle to on their guitars, and you’re probably wearing your mothers wedding dress. This small, 2 layer cake is the perfect size to be shared between the two of you, and the photographer will be sure to capture this sweet moment.

All the cakes featured above were made by Chef Cameron Miller of Divonne Pâtisserie and Riviera Events and Catering. For more information and pricing, please contact us at 605-413-8780 or Cameron@rivierasiouxfalls.com.